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Stay reliably protected from any nightmare (of lack of bondage)!

The ShibariArt.pl No. 1 Rope Dreamcatcher aka rope spider web.


The team owes the creation of this piece of rope artwork to the owner and proprietor of our company AsmodeusX. No doubt you’ll have seen this popular sight in many homes, dreamcatchers are said to keep bad dreams away. What better way for a rigger or bunny to ward off bad dreams of failed ties than this piece? Our uniquely crafted gift we are sure many kinksters will enjoy.


How we make the Rope Dreamcatcher unique to you:


You make ShibariArt.PL Rope Artwork special!


Above all we at ShibariArt.PL will always strive to make each piece as individual as the person who will use it. As such we welcome any requests for personalization feel free to contact us and we will accommodate as best as we can. Prior to shipping, we shall always email you a photo of your custom made dreamcatcher.

Finally, ShibariArt.PL cares about your privacy. As such our commitment is to never share your information and all our shipments are discreetly packaged.


More on us:

Instagram: shibariart.pl

fetlife.com: shibariartpl



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ShibariArt.pl | Shibari Ropes and Acessories with Twist and Heart!

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cherry wine maroon, olive green, burgundy magenta pink, violet purple, steel gray (with shade of blue), salmon brick orange, classic red, classic black, classic natural jute

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