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Independently from your fetish purposes ShibariArt.PL Big Cat it is just a versatile bdsm whip asking you for your imagination to be the ceiling.

The Big Cat rope flogger by ShibariArt.PL


At we enjoy our varied customer base with submissives and dominants all over the world. As such we have created this Big Cat rope flogger to be a soft paw with sharp claws to suit all tastes. Frankly, our team rigorously tested this as you’ll see further down and can guarantee it provides the sensations you all desire.


ShibariArt.PL Rope Flogger is the finest:

  • Hand Made: We fabricate all of our rope products with high quality, three strand jute. Specifically, we hand wash, dye, stretch and polish our ropes. They arrive fully treated, ready to use.
  • Range of Sensations: The Big Cat contains a vast array of sensations. Evidently, our soft tips of the tails give a excellent sensual touch to what is our most versatile flogger. Furthermore, the knots along its length have been tied with a harsh and sharp sting in mind.

  • Custom Option 1 – Flogger Length. The flogger is approximately. 60-70 cm/23,5-28 inches long (handle approximately 15 cm/6 inches, tails approximatel 50 cm/20 inches). This is subject to your own individual choice, please let us know how long you wish the tails.
  • Custom Option 2 – Flogger Tips. Our flogger tips can be in a different color of your choice (see below the Big Cat in anaconda gold brown with cherry wine tips). If you’d like this personalisation leave a comment in the notes section of your order.


jute bondage rope

  • A robust handle – inside the braid we insert a stick of bamboo to create a solid and tactile handle.

  • O-ring holster – The team added an O-ring below the handle to allow our dominant customers a smart storage aid.

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You make ShibariArt.PL Rope Flogger Special!

Above all we at ShibariArt.PL will always strive to make each piece as individual as the person who will wear it. As such any requests for personalization feel free to contact us and we will accommodate as best as we can. Prior to shipping, we email you a photo of your custom made purchase.


More on us:

Instagram: shibariartpl



If you are looking for quality and artistic fetish products that we don’t stock, please visit our friends listed below. We admire and recommend their work with enthusiasm:
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@IndoQueen via


Shibari Art

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cherry wine maroon, olive green, burgundy magenta pink, violet purple, steel gray (with shade of blue), salmon brick orange, classic red, classic black, classic natural jute

2 reviews for rope flogger The Big Cat

  1. Jenny

    awesome feeling . love it 🖤

  2. Tina

    Same birthday party as already mentioned, this one was a present I got from a special friend. In my favourite color! And this feeling is something very unique, even if used soft, there is a little rough feeling of the ropes. And anyway I like it very much if ‘something’ wraps around my waist. Best thing: its vegan, if you don’t want to use leather products or plastic, this is what you should choose for impact play. Pure rope, no animals hurted, only butts and other parts of your favourite kinky friend…or all your friends. Have fun!

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