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Whatever way you decide to wear it and independently form your purposes our bra creates an extraordinary fetish wear for women either a classic top or custom bikini. Since it is custom – let us know what is yor size :).

ShibariArt.PL Rope String Bikini


ShibariArt.PL proudly presents our Rope String Bikini a jute rope bra constructed with the fetishist in mind, especially those who love the feel of jute. Our team has made this capable of being tied on in many ways (of which we will leave up to your imaginations) this versatile piece will definitely command attention.

Uniquely we have created two variations of the Rope String Bikini, firstly a tantalizing variant aimed at teasing the intended audience (1-rope) and finally a more traditional version which leaves it up to the imagination (2-ropes).


1 rope vs 2-ropes variation of ShibariArt.PL Rope String Bikini.


ShibariArt.PL String Bikini made out of 2 ropes.

Why you should choose ShibariArt.PL String Bikini:

  • Handmade: Firstly, we fabricate our products with our tried and tested high quality three strand jute. The team takes care to wash, dye, stretch and polish our rope by hand. Above all we guarantee quality at every step meaning each length is checked and will be perfect for use. We have taken into account the different ways this support can be utilized, you can choose the desired length.
  • Texture and Scent: Secondly, we make our products from 100% natural jute rope, meaning it can be easily washed ensuring the hygiene of the rope. In fact we treat our ropes with a special blend of mineral oil and beeswax. This blend is unique to ShibariArt.PL and has in fact been created from our years of knowledge and expertise. Emphasis on leaving the rope with a sensual and erotic feel, the scent brings a smile to the lips of bunny’s.
  • Finishing rope ends: Finally, we use a thistle knot to end our ropes. Without a doubt this end gives a sensual feel whilst tieing but also is perfect for light impact play. Additionally if desired we can add a whipping end finish just leave a note on your order.
  • Our list of colors are below for reference (from left to right): classic natural, gold rush yellow, olive green, anaconda gold brown, bottle deep green, pistachio green, salmon brick orange, ginger rusty red, classic redburgundy magenta pink, maroon cherry wine (or tainted cherry wine – special edition), violet purpledeep navy blue, steel gray with shade of blue, classic black

Free Personalization for our String Bikini:

  • Our Shibari ropes come in a wide range of colors, with the ends finished to contrast or compliment your color choices (for an example of this technique, see image below). Desire a black rope with pink ends to match the color of your rope bunny’s hair? Fancy a holiday green with red ends for someone on the naughty list? Please reach out to ShibariArt.PL with your custom cravings and we will make it happen.  Furthermore, we dye our ropes; they never fade or shed paint and the dying process means every strand has a character plastic and nylon ropes could never provide.

You make ShibariArt.PL String Bikini Special!

We strive to make our products as unique as the users. ShibariArt.PL merely provides tools to create your visions. Prior to shipping, we email you a photo of your custom made purchase. Above all, we want you to be happy with your purchases and creations and hope our knowledge and skills will make your experience that much better.

Finally, ShibariArt.PL cares about your privacy – we never share your information and all our shipments are discreetly packaged.


ShibariArt.PL String Bikini made out of 2 ropes.


More on us:

Instagram: shibariart.pl

fetlife.com: shibariartpl



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Shibari Art


cherry wine maroon, olive green, burgundy magenta pink, violet purple, steel gray (with shade of blue), salmon brick orange, classic red, classic black, classic natural jute

1 vs 2 ropes

1 rope, 2 ropes


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