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Independently from your purposes ShibariArt.PL chocker is just a minimalist, cute bdsm collar asking you for your imagination to be the ceiling.

Submissive Day Collar by ShibariArt.PL


The answer to what if business and pleasure could be in one item. Clearly, we have out done ourselves with this elegant and beautiful collar created to allow fluidity. Noticeably the removable O-ring allows a change from Day Collar to Play Collar in the blink of an eye. With us adding in the braiding that signature ShibariArtPL is recognized for.



Why is the ShibariArtPL Submissive Day Collar the best choice?


  • Handmade: We fabricate our rope products with tried and tested high quality three strand jute. In detail – the team washes, dyes, stretches and polishes the rope by hand. Furthermore we guarantee the quality at every step meaning each length is checked and will be right for use. For this reason we take into account the different ways the collar can be used, as such you choose your desired length.
  • Texture and Scent: ShibariArt.PL makes these products from 100% natural jute rope, this allows it to be easily washed ensuring the hygiene of the rope. In fact we treat our ropes with a special blend of mineral oil and beeswax. Continuing the emphasis on leaving the rope with a sensual and erotic feel, the scent brings a smile to our bunny’s.
  • Free personalization: Ultimately, we know all submissives are unique as such ShibariArtPL tailors the collar diameter to suit your requirements. Furthermore, we have created a beautiful array of colors for our shibari rope. The dyes we utilize never fade and hold that vibrant color our ropes are known for. We can make a festive rope for those Christmas party events by adding red tips to your holiday green rope. Perhaps your bunny has a particular color in their hair the team can make it look exactly like it. Identify to us what you require and ShibariArtPL will try our best to accommodate your request.

  • or rather go for the link that binds: We do use a metal clasp (pictured) to secure the ends of our beautiful Shibari Day Collar together. Above all this gives a security that even in the rough and tumble of a scene or just day to day life it will not come loose. You can also choose 100% secure mini carabineer clasp. Please leave a note which one you wish.


Our list of colors are below for reference:


Also ShibariArt.pl Submissive Day Collar best suits with our BDSM Leash:


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You make ShibariArt.PL Submissive Day Collar Special!


Above all we at ShibariArt.PL will always strive to make each piece as individual as the person who will wear it. As such any requests for personalization feel free to contact us and we will accommodate as best as we can. Prior to shipping, we email you a photo of your custom made purchase.

Finally, ShibariArt.PL cares about your privacy – as such our commitment is to never share your information and all our shipments are discreetly packaged.


More on us:

Instagram: shibariart.pl

fetlife.com: shibariartpl



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Shibari Art


classic natural, gold rush yellow, anaconda gold brown, bottle deep green, pistachio green, salmon brick orange, classic red, burgundy magenta pink, maroon cherry wine, violet purple, steel gray with shade of blue, classic black

secure magnetic clasps

secure magnetic clasp yes, secure magnetic clasp no


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